Although it’s tempting to hire the contractor who submits the lowest bid, there are other factors to consider.  Here are Michael’s Plumbing Heating & Air’s tips for finding a trustworthy contractor:

1. Make sure they are licensed.

It is always in your best interest to hire a licensed contractor.  Contracting or advertising without a Nevada State Contractor’s license is a misdemeanor for the first offense, a gross misdemeanor of the second offense and a Class E Felony for the third offense. If you are considering hiring a contractor and they have a license number listed always make sure that license number is valid and current.  You can check NV State Contractor’s licenses at

2.  Make sure they are properly insured.

Ask the Contractor if they carry Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance.  Ask to see their certificates of insurance.

3.  Check the contractor’s rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Make sure the contractor you are hiring is highly rated with the Better Business Bureau.  Does the contractor have an excessive number of complaints?  If the contractor has any complaints were they resolved?

4.  Conduct your own background check.

Ask the contractor for references.  Any contractor who is trustworthy will gladly provide them.   Ask the contractor for examples of previous work.  Check the contractor’s online reviews by doing a google search for “contractor’s name + reviews”.

5.   Get a written contract

And read it!  Make sure the job includes permits if necessary for the type of work being done.  Make sure the contract includes the mandatory verbiage regarding the Residential Recovery Fund.  This information is there to protect you in the event an issue arises.   Be wary of a contractor who requires you to pay 100% upfront for work.